Brandon Marger’s performance career spans more than two decades, during which time he has performed with over a dozen different groups in a variety of genres including jazz, Afro-Latin, funk, reggae, folkloric and popular musics.

Since 2002 Brandon has performed over 500 shows with Changes In Latitudes. Brandon has recorded 4 CDs with that group, and continues to perform throughout the US (and occasionally in the Caribbean) with them.

Besides gigging in bands, Brandon has also performed as a musical accompanist for dance concerts, dramatic theatrical productions and spoken word performances.

Brandon Marger has formed and directed:

Academia de Samba Quilombo

Los Callejeros

Grupo Folklórico Palo Santo

Grupo Sofrito     

Sofrito Folklórico

Brandon Marger has also performed with:

Bira Reis e Bloco Kizomba

Brattleboro Capoeira Angola Group

Caribbean For Kids

Funk & Monk

Huellas Latinas

Iron City Jazz Band

Jason Roseman & Tropical Gems


Los Pleneros del Momento

Samba do Sol    


Sol Sin Fronteras

Steel Accent

Taller Camándula    

The VCRs

Viva Quetzal

Brandon Marger has produced music for the following theatrical productions:

Dream On Monkey Mountain (written by Derek Walcott) - Smith College (1991?)

Amor Positivo (directed by Julio Peña) - Latino Theater Project/New World Theater (1997)

Click here to see a categorized list of some of the diverse venues and functions at which Brandon has performed over the course of his career.

(Samba & other Afro-Brazilian musics)

(Puerto Rican Bomba, Plena, Oriza & Música Navideña)

(Afro-Cuban folkloric music & dance)

(Latin Jazz)

(Afro-Cuban folkloric music)

(Samba & other Afro-Brazilian musics during Carnaval 2000)

(Capoeira Angola & other Afro Brazilian musics)

(Pan-Caribbean music for children)


(Salsa & Merengue)


(Calypso, Soca & Reggae)

(Samba & other Afro-Brazilian musics)

(Puerto Rican Plena & Música Navideña)

(Samba & other Afro-Brazilian musics)

(1970’s era pop, folk & rock)

(Folkloric musics from Latin America & the Caribbean)

(Calypso, Soca & Reggae)

(Puerto Rican poetry, song, theater and rhythm)

(Reggae & Funk)

(Latin-American folkloric & popular musics)

Playing Reggae with The VCRs (ca 1990)

Playing pandeiro for a samba show with Kandombe (1992)

On stage with Changes In Latitudes (2013)

Sofrito Folklórico (1992)

Tambores Batá (1993)

Grupo Folklórico Palo Santo (2006)

Playing berimbau with the Brattleboro Capoeira Angola Group (2007)

Some of the groups Brandon has performed with

Performing bomba and plena with Los Callejeros (2008)

Changes In Latitudes promo video shoot (2006)

Grupo Folklórico Palo Santo (2008)