Professional Services offered by Brandon Marger 
The full range of professional services offered by Brandon Marger
Brandon Marger’s performance career spans more than two decades, during which time he has performed with over a dozen different groups in a variety of genres including jazz, Afro-Latin, funk, reggae, folkloric and popular musics. Besides traditional musical groups, Brandon has also accompanied diverse other types of performance, including dance concerts, dramatic theatrical productions and spoken word performances. 

Brandon Marger is available to gig with bands  on either a limited “fill-in” basis or as a permanent part of the group. He is also available as an accompanist for dance concerts, dramatic theatrical productions and spoken word performances, and just about any sort of performance art.
Lessons, Workshops & Classes
Brandon Marger is a knowledgable, dedicated and passionate educator who has been teaching Afro-Latin drumming and percussion since 1991. 

Brandon teaches the instruments, rhythms, musical genres and cultures of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Brazil. Besides focusing on these three major musical cultures, Brandon also teaches a variety of other rhythms and musics from throughout the west african diaspora in the Americas. Brandon’s curriculum includes both traditional folkloric music, and applications of folkloric instruments and rhythms to modern popular musics.

Brandon offers private lessons and ensemble classes at his studio Estudio ‘El Bohío.‘  He is also available for situations ranging from one-time workshops to long-term teaching residencies at other institutions.

Besides “hands-on” musical instruction, Brandon is also able to deliver lectures on a wide variety of topics related to the history, culture and music of the west-african diaspora in the Americas.
Recording studio session work
Spice up your recording project with the funky grooves, exotic instruments and polyrhythmic pulse of Brandon Marger’s Afro-Latin percussion. Brandon Marger can create  unique and original percussion tracks for your project that sound a hundred times better than any sampled percussion or computer generated tracks ever could. He can either work in the studio in which your project is already in production, or record tracks for your project right in his own studio.

Brandon Marger is fluent in many popular and folkloric rhythms from Latin America and The Caribbean. He is adept at using those Afro-tinged rhythms to energize many forms of north american music, including folk, jazz, funk, pop and rock. Brandon has an impressive collection of instruments available to record with, including a wide variety of hand drums, wood and plastic blocks, bells and metal percussion, shakers, scrapers, chimes, and a large collections of specialized percussion and sound effects. He can always find just the right musical sound, texture or color to enhance your recording project.

Brandon Marger has recorded in some of the finest recording studios in the area:

Flightpath Recording Studio
Latitude Adjustment Studios    
Signature Sounds                    
Rotary Records    
Sound Stream Media                
Tapeworks Inc.

Contact Brandon Marger to discuss your recording

Granby, CT

Ludlow, MA

Palmer, MA

East Longmeadow MA, West Springfield, MA

Northampton, MA

Hartford, CT

Graphic design for performers
As an independent musician as well as the director of several projects, Brandon Marger has taken responsibility for much of his own promotion. Over the course of his career he has studied the basic principals of graphic design, and developed his abilities by working on his own projects. 

Today it is possible for Brandon Marger to provide the following graphic design services to other musicians, bands and creative people:

Poster & flier design
Album art
Logo creation & branding
Website design
Musical publishing services
Using state-of-the-art musical notation software, Brandon Marger is able to:

Transform hand-written music into beautifully formatted and printed music sheets.

Transcribe recorded music into standard musical notion for the creation of musical scores. 

Create custom arrangements out of basic lead sheets, and print out a concert score plus parts for each instrument (transposed where necessary).

Contact Brandon Marger to find out how he can help you with your musical transcribing, copying and publishing needs.

Some of the dance teachers, classes, programs and schools that Brandon has accompanied over the course of his career include:

Balé Folclórico da Bahia                                

Nem Britto (Associacão Artística e Cultural Diáspora)        

Alfredo Castillo                                        

Molly Christy (Brattleboro School of Dance)  

Cornell Coley              

Jamie Coulter (Brattleboro Capoeira Angola Group)   

Yvonne Daniel (Five College Dance Dept.)               

Mauricio Marques                                 

Felicity Ozoemena Mbanefo                     

Julio Peña                                 

Miguel Periche (Grupo Folklórico Palo Santo)         

Fritz Vilpic










Puerto Rican/Afro-Modern



For an example of Brandon’s work you need not look any further than this website, which he designed and built from scratch. Click the collage above to see a full-sized version of some of Brandon’s other design work.

Brandon Marger playing in the bateria accompanying a dance class at the Balé Folclórico da Bahia in Salvador BA, Brazil in March 2000.

Brandon Marger with Miguel Periche, teacher of the Afro-Cuban dance class.

Dance class accompaniment
Brandon Marger is available to accompany a wide variety of Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latin and Afro-Modern dance classes. Brandon is fluent in the dances of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Brazil. He is able to provide not only the authentic rhythms that accompany each dance, but their traditional songs as well.

Live drumming energizes dance classes in ways that recorded music never can. Make every dance class a special event by hiring Brandon Marger to accompany your dance classes with his traditional instruments, rhythms and songs.