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We played a late afternoon/early evening show out on the patio behind the museum. Directly behind our stage the Charles River and the Boston skyline provided a picturesque backdrop. The Prudential Building, the Longfellow Bridge, the huge “Citgo” sign that sits above  the “Green Monster” in Fenway Park and other prominent Boston landmarks were clearly visible. Later that evening the slowly sinking sun seemed to set the Cambridge skyline on fire.

As soon as we could tear down, load out and pack up in Boston, we headed back to familiar turf in Westfield. But we weren’t back in Western MA to sleep. We were merely there to meet up with the tour bus for the next leg of our road trip. We transferred instruments and equipment from our equipment truck to the trailer that tows behind the tour bus, and the band piled onto the tour bus for a 600 mile  overnight drive out to Akron, OH, where we were scheduled for a 1:00 PM load-in at the Lock 3 Amphitheater.

We caught some shut eye on the bus, and when we arrived in Akron on Friday we drove directly in to the venue for the load in. Fortunately we’ve performed at the Lock 3 Amphitheater twice before, so we were pretty familiar with where everything was and how everything worked. (You can read my blog entries about our previous performances there, entitled “Akron” and “Back to the Midwest.”

Five hundred miles later we stumbled off the bus at the Saratoga Fairgrounds, a bit north of Albany, NY. There we were slated as the headline act for an all-day music festival sponsored by Landshark Lager. (We will also be doing another similar Landshark festival near Buffalo NY on July 20.)

As the headline act we would be the last to perform that evening after a couple of warm-up bands. But that meant that we had to be the first to arrive, so that we could get our instruments and equipment set up on stage behind the other bands. Fortunately, we had also played this festival once before, so when we arrived we already knew exactly what we needed to do, and the best way to do things.